The Liberty and Culture

How precious are our lives! People are incomparably valuable that nothing can surpass. They are more important than high quality of technologies or anything else. How does liberty and culture affect our lives?

Is there a bad culture, good culture, bad practice or good practice? What kind of person ought you to be? Cultural practice and religious practice are based on the doctrines of each. People who are members abide with the law. But even if the same individuals belong to the same culture or religious group, their mindset are different. Their level of practice, faith, obedience, loyalty are different from each other. There are people who just have the name of the group, there are people who are slightly devoted and there are people who are deeply devoted.

Everyone has the freedom of religion and culture. Judging all religions, cultures and traditions, what kind of mindset should we have? Is it a conservative way of thinking, as a fundamentalist or being an open minded individual?

When it comes to humanitarian, is killing fine? Should be understand that it is a part of a practice? Should we tolerate or criticize? Is it evil or not? Well, it can be serious or not. How would you understand a culture or a practice without studying it? How would you judge without knowing its laws and regulations?

But in conclusion, what are the objectives, missions and visions of such cultures or practices? Why a nation is called as a nation if people are scattered? What are we practicing for? What do we gain for? Is it despite the culture or because of the culture? But in everything, remember that you yourself cannot exist without your life and do so to others, too.