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Western intellectuals, commentators, and political leaders fail to face the Islamic threat to Western Civilization. This failure is first and foremost a philosophical failure that manifests itself in our inability to clearly define and champion our cultural superiority. The decay into multi-cultural relativism undercuts our resolve. We are unduly hesitant to oppose the bellicose posturing of Islamic supremacists with appropriate moral condemnation and unequivocal contempt. And our response to the actual physical attacks of these dark-age savages is slow, tepid, and uncertain.

We launch our website with the question: Is Islam Evil? This question is curiously absent from mainstream debates. Yet, in many conventional venues, there is no hesitation to ask if America is evil. Why the double standard? What is Islam? Is it only a “few evil ones” – extremists – who pose the problem or is there something fundamentally wrong with Islam? Is there a difference in kind between “fundamentalists” and “moderates” or is it only a difference in degree – fundamentalists being devout, moderates lax in their practice? (3/5/04)

Few on the left are willing to face the threat of Islam. Why? The left has never been afraid to criticize religion in the past. Amber Pawlik addresses this issue in her essay: “Defending Islam: The Height of Leftist Hypocrisy.” David Horowitz, in “Unholy Alliance,” provides an in-depth description of the problem. See my review of this important book. Horowitz distinguishes the criticism of the loyal opposition from deliberate anti-American propaganda that is designed to undermine our efforts and help the enemy. He discusses the latter in his book and briefly in a Georgetown University speech.
What is Islam? explained by non-Muslim

The far left embraces the politics of “the New Lie” to vilify America and help our enemies. How can deliberate deceit be so acceptable in today’s world? Let’s examine the latest academic fashion and see why. (12/31/04)
Amber Pawlik’s latest article is an analysis of the Koran. She systematically categorizes the Koran and suggests a way for you to efficiently crack this poorly organized book. But that’s not all, she takes on several of the rhetorical ploys and dubious philosophical assumptions used to trip-up and undermine the unsuspecting. (2/28/05)

Daniel Pipes believes we face a virulent strain of Islam and we must wage an ideological war. This war “requires recognizing and defeating the body of ideas known as militant Islam or Islamism. The war cannot be won until politicians and others focus on this ideology rather than on terrorism, which is merely its manifestation.” That is true, but it is more than just a virulent strain: it goes to the heart of the religion – a pure religion undiluted by reason. I disagree with Pipes – that moderate Islam is the solution to radical Islam. He has graciously printed my objections to his thesis on his website. (1/29/05)

Should we lie and feign a respect of Islam for strategic purposes? For over a decade, government officials have gushingly praised Islam in the hopes of winning over Muslims. This has accompanied actions that included saving Muslims in Kosovo and Bosnia, liberating Kuwait, helping to defeat the USSR in Afghanistan, protecting Arabia from Saddam, trying to establish a democracy in Iraq, etc. Polls have shown that Muslims hate Americans even more and they increasingly support the attacks against our country and allies. Obviously the policy hasn’t worked. Daniel Pipes discusses attempts to appease our enemies by false praise and pandering. Perhaps it is time to try the truth!

Conservatives claim they have the “right stuff” for the “war on terrorism.” But do they? Are they able to face the threat that we face today or are they narrowly tooled for the Cold War and blind to the depths of the problem? See a summary below or read the whole article. (9/5/04)

The clash of cultures in nowhere greater than it is in Europe where the secular Western culture of toleration faces the recalcitrant intolerant Islamic religion. Will Europe be a fundamentalist Islamic state by the century’s end? David Pryce-Jones is required reading for anyone following the problem. However, there are signs that Europe is waking up. (12/4/04)

It is unusual to find a succinct article describing the essential nature of our Islamic enemy and the great difficulty we have facing this threat. This article gets it right and it is all the more amazing that it was written shortly after 9/11. Also, see ARI’s essays on foreign policy. These hard-hitting uncompromising essays advocate a strong defense backed up with a vision of the moral superiority our civilization deserves. People don’t speak like that today. Until we do, we will hobble along on the edge of failure.

This is not a website about Islam; but about our response to the Islamic threat and what it reveals about our culture. For those who want to research Islam we have a list of introductory references. Islam is neither a new phenomena nor new to Western writers. There is much that should be agreed upon. However, there is a deliberate blindness and positive prejudice that prevents fruitful discussions from going beyond the initial stages. It is our inability to deal with the subject that tells us something about our culture. That is what this website will address.