The Freedom and the Rights

“I love you”, “I will take care of you”, “Daddy and Mommy are here for you”, “I will protect you”, such words are good to hear and pleasant to the ear. Let us promote peace and unity even across the land. Everyone has his own freedom and rights to practice and to be acknowledged. Freedom of speech, freedom of culture and religion, and most of all, the freedom and right to live. Freedom of rights make the world a better place.

It sets free all individuals and they have their options choices in life to go through. Freedom and rights when acquired creates a new innovation and fast production for progress, succession and civilization. In every freedom and right everyone has, is it possibly been abused? Should there be a limit or self-limitation in freedom and rights? Absolutely, it is. How can we describe a harmful practice? To deprive someone of his right to live is not a freedom in majority.

Let them live and set them free. Everyone is borne of parents. We have parents too who love us. We have families too that we built and are waiting for us. We have dreams to fulfill. So many memories to cherish. We have lives to live. We are living in the same world. We have seen the light of the world. We all began the journey of our lives. Give us the power and ways to finish the race of our lives. We are living in fear because of terrors throughout the world that seems tomorrow is the end.