Human Culture and Religious Institution

It is always believed that there is a difference between religion and human culture. Then what is the difference of these two?

Human Culture: Theses are customs, practices and traditions of every tribe, language, nation and races. Each and every tribe or nation has their own culture distinct and unique from each other. Unfortunately, people raise conflict with each other because of culture difference. For example, eating with hands is good for certain countries but not good to other people of different races.

Religious Institution: This is a group that practices certain doctrines or teachings for spiritual matter and therefore is distinct from the secular world. It is not avoided that some human cultures would clash with the teachings of a religious group. In this institution, beliefs and customs intends to change humans from badness to goodness. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity and others–each has different cultures and beliefs. The common point among them is that each believes a Supernatural Being controlling the Earth and spirits.

Is there a problem caused by these religious institutions toward there government? Not certain. But there are some that really cause trouble to other governments. Actually, religions can not get away from human standards but human culture can always find its way to escape religion. Example, a person can just avoid going to a certain religion in order to keep himself in the secular world. But a person who is already involved in a certain religion can not just leave the way of living. This is the true difference of religion and human culture.