The countries considered as the freest countries in survey

Freedom is all that seek whether in small form like what teenagers usually seek from their parents. Even if they cannot be independent but due to the influence of their age, they think they can do all things. Freedom in larger scale is the freedom of a citizen from the different kinds of factors that affect his life and daily life. If you are a slave you have some restrictions. As a citizen of a country you will also have restrictions as you have to follow laws and regulations of the country. It is normal thing.

But there is also the freedom that a person has the right to avail. One example is the freedom of speech. If one in his opinion was done wrong, he can have the liberty to say about it. It can be also that he can say his opinion as part of the freedom. There is also the human right that is common to be associated with activists or rebellious people against the state or nation. The human rights commission will seek justice if in their opinion the right of a person was violated according to the law. And look for this amazing eye service check over here. Or visit and see this site They provide good laser service that might help you restore your good eyesight.

Let us see the list of the country that is considered in accordance to the survey as the freest among the many countries. In the top ten lists are Hong Kong, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark and New Zealand. And a great eye clinic can be found here for some instances of cataract surgery, check this  The next five countries are Canada, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom and Sweden.