The Conservatives Versus The Moderates

Is there a between conservatives and moderates? Conservatives take a great emphasis on the importance of tradition and culture. On the other hand, moderates are those who take great emphasis on rational social planning to solve problems. They tend to reduce excessiveness.

Not all are conservatives and moderates. We cannot generalized who should be who. A lot of times, it is always a matter to decide and what to follow between the decision and ideas of conservatives and moderates. The failure to criticize an ideology is because of conservative rights. Conservatives tends to be more of individualism. The reason there is always an argument is because of conflicts of ideas and mindset. And the worst effect is war and death. In case of the struggle for war, how would we react for it? Terrorism is now spreading throughout the world. People are trembling in fear. Hiding for safety. How would they welcome a glorious future when there is terror everywhere? When will they be freed from fear of death?

Conservatives tends to claim they have the right to do. How about moderates? Moderates see progress. They tend to be open-minded. They favor individual’s freedom and rights, supporting social welfare. Everyone has the right to live. Why do we need to be born if we do not the right to live?

Clashes of cultures among people, countries, continents are undeniable. Nothing is dominant but such precious lives matters. Life is the core of everything. Be compassionate and give the people their freedom and rights.