The Intellectual Conservatives and the Islamic Threat

The Intellectual Conservatives have been so powerful enough to influence the people politically. This is why they were able to lessen communist country and now there are only 5 communist countries in the whole world. They believe that communism is a threat to individual’s growth and prosperity. However, when it comes to religion, the conservatives have been giving freedom of religion to Christians. This is why they say that there is reason why they tolerate religion. Christianity as a religion for righteousness is not criticized by the government nor had any mind to meddle with it.

This time, there is another debate about these certain people: Islamic State. This people have been subject to terrorism in the world and they have been always against other beliefs spiritually and politically. Are they doing threatening the world in the name of their religion or are they doing it for the sake of politics? Is there something wrong with the religion or is there something wrong with the people? Why is it that Atheist, who never believe in a Supernatural being do not do such evil acts? It’s also hard to say that Christians never did evil things because during the Dark Ages, more than 50 million Christians perished at the hands of Papacy. Popes as the head of the empire imposed their religious rules in the name of their god.

If religion goes against human rights, are they tolerable? The Islamic threat that has never been solved until this time, what would be the basis in eradicating it? Intellectual conservatives abolished communism although it was not deadly to human society, but will they keep their swords away from the brutal swords of the terrorists? Why is it difficult to meddle with this grievous act? The doctrines written in the Quoran Book is not mush different with the Testament of Judaism. But is there a case that a Jewish imposed on terrorism? Will the muliti-cultural left and conservative right, by any means provide a logical argument that would crumble the continuous threat?